Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Mummified Lama: Answers

Following the incredible discovery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia last month of the well-preserved body of  a Buddhist Lama who succeeded in preserving his own body after death, the criminal investigation conducted by police of Khan Uul District in Ulaanbaatar have identified the Lama, the thief, and the place where he was found near Tsakhir village of Arkhangai province on the mountain called Tsodnomdarjaa in the Khukh Nuruu "Blue Mountains".

Since the body of the honorable Lama Sanjjav had not decayed over a long period of possibly 200 years, it is taken as proof that he successfully escaped from the cycle of life, death and rebirth. In respect of this, the Lamas of Gandantegchinlen monastery in Ulaanbaatar have been given the task of restoring the body and they will be responsible for enacting the correct ceremonies for reburial of the Lama in it's original resting place in Arkhangai.


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