Mongolia - An Inspiring Destination

Mongolia is an ideal choice for a most amazing, challenging and exciting mountain bike tour in Central Asia.

Discover Your Next Adventure

This journey will set you apart from the rest as you go where few have travelled before.

Dramatic Landscape in a Remote Corner of The World

Enjoy the vast expanse of Mongolian wilderness from the seat of a KTM 450EXC, supported by a professional team.

Come to Mongolia and We Will Show You Our Wonderful Country

You can't help but be transported into ancient times, to enjoy the music, countryside and a culture that has changed little in centuries.

Centre of Buddhism

Erdene Zuu monastery was founded in the sixteenth centruy, built on the site where Genghis Khan located the centre of the Mongol Empire centuries earlier.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Adventure Off Road Motorcycle Journey To The Birthplace Of Genghis Khan

Summer 2015 highlights: a group of six guys from Australia and New Zealand came for a motorbike tour in the far north east of Mongolia, also known for being the birthplace of Genghis Khan. The riders were professional film directors, musicians and photographers, so they have created this marvellous 15-minute account of their adventure including stunning drone footage showing all of Mongolia's hidden secrets.

Thanks to Simon Lister @ Nylon Studios for sharing this video.


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