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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mongolian Airline Enlarges Their Fleet

After half a century of aviation history, the Mongolian government’s bold step into purchasing their 2nd Boeing airplane has led to its arrival in the Chingghis Khaan International Airport. During June, 2011, the Mongolian President- T.Elbegdorj- signed the aircraft purchase agreement, declaring 3 Boeing airplanes to be transported to Mongolia within the following few years.

The MIAT Company (Монголын Иргэний Агаарын Тээвэр, Mongolyn Irgenii Agaaryn Teever, Mongolian Civil Aviation Transport), already owns the first Boeing in its expected 3 fleet, and is claiming plans for a complete renewal of 70-80% of their aircraft by 2020. In addition to their current Boeing 767-300, the new 737-800 will fly to 6 destinations, including Berlin, Tokyo and Beijing. Named ‘Guyug Khan’ after the grandson of Genghis Khan, MIATs new airplane can fly for over 10 hours without refuelling; with 12 business class seats as well as the remaining 150 economy seats, MIATs new airplane will be able to seat 162 passengers.
The MIAT Company have already made plans for the next Boeing aircraft, expected to be for 2016.


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