Friday, 23 May 2014

New Ulaanbaatar Commuter Railway

In an attempt to dramatically reduce the traffic and pollution through the capital, Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian government have installed a railway train for public use; this will travel from Tolgoit, in the west of the city to the east, to Amgalan. Not only will this benefit the environment, but the time taken for citizens to travel by rail compared to by road can be reduced by over 90%.
The ‘Myetrovagonmash’ train, (Russian: Метровагонмаш) transported from Mytishchi, Russia, claims a total of 136 seats and holds over 350 passengers; not only this, but it can reach to speeds of 100km/ hour and is due to be ‘open for service’ on the 6th June, 2014.

The estimated journey time along the whole rail is only 20 minutes, and plans to run 3 times per day, hoping will be expanded next year due to an extensional 3.7km track being built for mid 2015.

After an organized investment of 300 million MNT (approx. 165,000 USD) from the Ulaanbaatar City, 6 newly built railway stops are planned to be built; these stops will have short links with some of the major city bus stops to allow passengers easier entrances and exits to and from the train.

One of the major governors of the project, E. Bat Uul, recently said his dramatic speech at the railway opening ceremony about the initiation and completion of the new rail and its future plans.

Today, a very important step for the Mongolian Public Transport Sector has been taken; from the early stages of August, 2012, when of which initiation plans of the project had been started, many of our dreams were first created for the development of the Mongolian railway services.

And, after joint efforts with the Ulaanbaatar Railway organization, we are all proud to say that our dreams have been fulfilled; now, the development is leading to new opportunities of transport for the city- the advantages of reduced traffic and pollution, and benefits for the citizens and the environment, is now giving Ulaanbaatar hope.

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