Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mongolians in Dakar Rally After Stage 4

In the Dakar Rally stage 4,  Nazca to Arequipa, our two Mongolian riders are still hanging on there.  Each day several riders have withdrawn for one reason or another. But in today's stage, number #175 KTM 450 motorbike rider Damdinhorloo Boldbaatar arrived in 98th place, with a total time 5:23:53. He is now in overall 77th place after the four stages, having completed in 13:04:13, he is behind the lead rider 02:53:35 hours

Our  number #174 Yamaha 450 motorbike rider Namchingiin Lhamaa arrived today  in 117th place, total time 05:38:41, overall 101st place after 4 stages. His total time is 14:08:18 and he is behind the lead riders by 03:57:40 hours.  It looked like Lhamaa had been given a 20 minute penalty at one point, but seems that this has now been written off, but we don't have any more news about this at the moment. During the last edition of the Dakar penalites were introduced and the scale remains the same for the 2013 edition: 15 minutes for the first change of engine, 45 minutes for the second, two hours for third and subsequent changes.

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