Sunday, 8 March 2015

Update on self-mummified monk

Some learned Buddhist scholars have declared that the monk found last month in Songiin Khairkhan district of Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia last month is not dead, but in deep meditation. 

Gankhüügiin Pürevbat, who founded Mongolia's Ulaanbaatar Buddhist University, agrees:
"Lama is sitting in the lotus position vajra, the left hand is opened, and the right hand symbolizes of the preaching Sutra. This is a sign that the Lama is not dead, but is in a very deep meditation according to the ancient tradition of Buddhist lamas."

It was previously thought that the monk had self-mummified himself as a route to achieve the level of a Buddha, thus escaping from the circle of life, death and rebirth, and was believed to have died approximately 200 years ago. 

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